Wireline & wireless communication equipment, IoT Terminal / Platform, Logistics Solution

Key Products

① Network communication architecture design and development ② Cargo transportation solution for workers to improve labor depending working condition ③ IoT and Big Data solution ④ Energy IT Solution ⑤ Research


Provide low-cost, high-efficiency maritime Internet service and broadband communication service to all types of ships and coastal operators within 100 km of coast, without using satellite communication.

Key Products

The marine broadband communication system

Han Dreamnet

Specializes in the development and sales of embedded Ethernet switches and network security systems

Key Products

① Security Switch (SG2000/2100/2200/2300/4000/5000) ② Visual Node Manager (VNM): Network Management Software ③ Visual IP Manager (VIPM): IP Management Solution


DELI-i built up a full suite of technologies with its own special algorithm using AI technology

Key Products

① Urban Security ② Intelligent Transport System ③ Bus information system ④ IT Consulting & Design

Hyukshin Engineering

Hyukshin specializes in automated signal systems for railway & subway to insure safe and effective rail service.  Hyukshin performs across the value chain from technology development, design, and manufacture to installation and maintenance.

Key Products

Railway/subway signaling automation systems


Specializes in security and Energy Management System (EMS) solutions with extensive R&D experience in embedded systems and IoT Platforms

Key Products

① Connected House: Door-entry based smart home system ② Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Fence (PIDS Fence): Security system designed for important restricted facilities to help limit and suppress intrusion by detecting breaches and providing warnings to security.

NOD Bizware

Specializes in the development of secure applications, holding core patents in application self-protection and the combining of security and artificial intelligence technologies

Key Products

NOD SPOT: hack-free secure chat with application self-protection. The application is equipped with robust security features to be available for the government or military intelligence agencies


Specializes in the development of the Eternus Data Eraser (EDE) platform of solutions for wiping and degaussing storage mediums such as servers and other storage devices

Key Products

Data Degaussing and Erasure solution: “Ethernus Data Eraser” ① EDEma edition v3.0 ② EDE Personal edition v3.0 ③ EDE LAN edition v3.0 ④ EDE UNIX edition v3.0 ⑤ EDE Storage edition v3.0


Specializes in developing broadcasting monitors while expanding their product lines with various types of broadcasting equipment and Pro AV products using their strong brand power in the global broadcasting monitor industry

Key Products

① Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera: Follows a subject in pan (right-left) & tilt (up-down) movement as well as zoom-in, zoom-out function ② 4K Cross Converter: Output conversion of 4K UHD broadcasting SDI signal input to HDMI signal or HDMI input to SDI signal ③ Matrix Router: a transceiver that connects multiple image input & output devices ④ Broadcasting Monitor: Designed for making professional videos such as broadcasts and movies and for use in transmission purposes with a rich feature set including high-speed image processing, precise color reproduction and various professional functions


Specializes in the development of customized network security equipment and servers

Key Products

① Network Security Equipment ② Server Switches for SDN/ NFV ③ All Flash Media Server


The IoT Platform of SmartBox has been being applied in a locker. “SMARTBOX,” a high-tech locker that applies IoT technology for parcel delivery. Also IoT keyless door lock, “DIRECT-IN,” brings a revolution in the accommodation industry.

Key Products



A sole vendor of high-capacity PTN equipment in KT’s backone network, TELEFIELD Inc completed the top-class Carrier Ethenet (PTN) full lineup products

Key Products

Wide product range of optical transmission equipment: ① Carrier Ethernet ② MSPP ③ NDCS ④ Optical multiplexer


Specializes in the development and sales of wireless communication technologies including mobile & wireless RF relay equipment, magnetic field signal measuring instruments and TV White Space (TVWS) devices

Key Products

① Disaster communications ② High & low power TV White Space backhaul device


Specializes in Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN) solutions for providing a flawless exchange of voice, video and other multimedia content.

Key Products

① SmartAir Access Point (802.11ac Wave 1 /2 based Gigabit) ② SmartAir AP Controller (supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac)

ATTO Research

Specializes in developing solutions for Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies

Key Products

① ATHENE: NFV platform ② HERMES: Intelligent network management solution ③ OBelle: SDN controller