Datatek was established in 2004 and since then has delivered data wiping services to companies such as Citibank in Korea, Hana Bank, Korea Internet & Security Agency and the Korean Ministry of Justice. Since its founding, the company continues to be a leader is SSD erasure and was one of the first companies delivering erasing technologies via the cloud. Core services provided by Datatek are erasing and degaussing.

Key Products

Data Degaussing and Erasure solution: “Ethernus Data Eraser”

  • EDEma edition v3.0

  • EDE Personal edition v3.0

  • EDE LAN edition v3.0

  • EDE UNIX edition v3.0

  • EDE Storage edition v3.0


  • Extensive expertise and know-how in degaussing and high-speed erasure technology has resulted in the development of leading edge data wiping equipment for servers and all types of storage devices

  • Ability to support remote control/SAN (Storage Area Network) of back-up centers

  • Ability to support both access to volume by unit and erase/re-use LUN (Logical Unit Number) volume in SAN/DAS (Direct Attached Storage) storage environment


  • Appliance equipment that processes both erasing and degaussing and allows for a single piece of equipment to perform permanent deletion, re-use and degaussing of data

  • Supports International accredited permanent erasing algorithm (11)* and Korean National Intelligence Service’s algorithm (2)
    * US Department of Defense, National Computer Security Center, German standard, Russian standard, Canada Police Service, British Information Security Standard, etc.

  • Ability to permanently erase all types of hard drives (FC, SSD, SAS, SATA, SCSI, USB etc.)

  • Supports simultaneous erasure of large capacity drives (8-90 BAY) using parallel processing

  • More efficient technology allowing reduced erasing time

  • Provides anti-forgery log function and management of large log database

  • Supports UNIX equipment, LAN access, smart phone monitoring

  • Automatic control of variable disk guides

  • Various ways to apply the technology including:

    Permanently erases defective server/storage HDD before removing it from the system and replacing the total volume of storage

Past Performance

  • National Election Commission: Supplied 2 SW engine of EDE for Server/Storage

  • Shinhan Bank: Supplied 3 EDEma 8 Bay

  • Shinhan Life: Supplied 1 EDEma 10 Bay

  • Have also supplied to Hana Bank, Korea Internet & Security Agency, Human Resources Development Service of Korea

  • SW engine has been supplied to approximately 90 various government institutions and private companies including Financial Services Commission, Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office ROK, the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea, LG Electronics, LG Chemicals, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea Post, Korea Customs Service, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and Ministry of Justice

Intellectual Property Rights

  • 2 Korean patents applied and granted

Certifications / Registrations

Eternus Data Eraser

Multiple delivery benefits(PC, Windows, Server, Storage, Portable image)

Eternus Data Eraser Chassis

  • Erase any types of HDD in PC, Server and SAN/NAS/DAS Storages
  • Bypass any Operating System
  • International algorithms support such as DoD 5220.22-M, Canadian RCMP


Software Applications

Eternus applicable types

Why We Are Different


Remote Install and Operation

Large HDD (4TB)

Report including H.W information

BIOS independent


Elapsed, Remaining Time

Cluster Viewer

Simultaneous HDD Wiping

Specific Drive, Partition Selection

Automatic Installation and Operation

UNIX support




OS dependent










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