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DELI-i built up a full suite of technologies with its own special algorithm using AI technology.



Based on DELI-i’s deep experience in video analysis, it has developed one of the easiest smart door systems in the world.

Smart Traffic Analytics

DELI-i collects traffic data from CCTVs (whether existing or newly installed) on the road, analyzes volume, density, number of busses, vehicles, and pedestrians and orchestrates a better environment.
Digital composition of mechanic standing with arms crossed in factory

Smart Factory

TransAi is easily able to help and support checking the set-point and preventing accidents, defective products, and cost losses.
hydro-electric power station on Chemal, Altai, Siberia

Smart Flood Control

TransAi also contributes to disaster prevention such as surveilling water level of dams, rivers, seas, and so on. This solution can be found through an installed drone for the best result.

Smart Security and Surveillance

TransAi and applying security system helps reduce the operations fee by up to 30%. We can prevent solicitation in open areas and protect the area from potential terror.
Glass broken cracks splinters in front of car ( Filtered image processed vintage effect. )

Auto Incident Detection System

DELI-i’s Auto Incident Detection System uses a network of CCTV cameras and a proprietary algorithm to detect various types of road accidents and incidents.
bus information system

Bus Information System

DELI-i has developed a proprietary Bus Information System to improve the bus-riding experience for public transportation riders.


DELI-i has developed a unique login system that is based on the user’s unique facial characteristics.
CCTV security camera in city of China.

Object Recognition Detection System

DELI-i’s Object Recognition Detection System utilizes a network of CCTV cameras and our own proprietary algorithm to detect a wide range of objects and activities.

Web camera on blue, blured screen background

Wireless CCTV

For locations where wired CCTV cameras are not possible, Deli-i’s wireless CCTV is a simple solution. Using plug and play setup, these cameras are easy to install and use.

Why We Are Different



Deli-i has built a robust algorithm with modern AI technology with a team of highly talented urban and software engineers.



Our product is designed to adopt most modern systems and devices that are easily integrated into any system within a short period of time.



With a team of urban engineers, we strive to achieve top of the line services that prove the quality.



Safety is our goal for products and services that will provide safety for the public and private sectors.

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