GES CO., LTD was established in January 2004 by ICT R&D researchers based on the embedded system. Our technology specializes in patrol systems, video surveillance, and perimeter protection system. We have Connected House, a smart home service using IoT sensors that provides unique user control capabilities through the Cloud combined with a smart home user-interface (UI). GES has been continuously developing advanced security systems and expanding the market from domestic to global.


  • Connected House: A connected service for the home for security/safety energy saving and convenience. The wall-pad mounted system has expansion capabilities using IoT sensors and provides unique user control capabilities through the Cloud combined with a smartphone user-interface (UI). The provided cloud services include door control, visitor verification, video monitoring, real-time push notification, and intelligent device connectivity.

  • PIDS Fence: Uses a 3D-GIS integrated visualization system and the inner trio-electrification principle inside a general purpose shielded communication cable to detect intrusion in exterior fencing and provide warnings to notify security.


Connected House

  • A perfect integration of security system and smart home that supports ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave sensor network.

  • Able to check sound and video as well as open the door from remote locations using a smartphone

  • Provides mobile App, Cloud service and user defined “IF-DO” and “Action List” service

PIDS Fence

  • Blocks false alarms by removing noise from the external environment using a real-time analyzing algorithm of amplitude and frequency

  • Uses an all-around general-purpose cable that is cost-effective, easy to install in various types of fencing, and provides low maintenance in after sales service

  • Immune to external environmental factors such as fog, rain, strong wind, snow, and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)/EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)

  • Received Defense Quality certification and registered as the offset item

  • Has international patents and certifications

Past Performance

  • Developed and supplied energy management systems to KT and security system and equipment to KT Telecop since 2004 and has IoT Cloud platform and service

  • Connected House: tested and evaluated product for VNPT (Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group) and FPT in Vietnam. Attended 2017 SECUTECH VIETNAM and THAILAND

  • Connected Solar Farm: Established building type EDD for KT (Total: 4.5MWh)

  • PID Fence: Installed systems in Air Force fighter wing as well as the official residence of ministry, harbor, substation, and water purification plant

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Registered 11 Korean patents: regarding PIDS Fence system

  • Applied 3 international patents (PCT, US, Japan): concerning security fence, instruusion detection equipment, etc.

Certifications / Registrations

  • International certifications: CE/ROHS/VCCI/FCC/ISO 9001:2008

  • Korean certification: DQ Mark/compnay affiliated R&D center/INNOBIZ/venture company/direct production certificate

PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion DetectionSystem) Electrostatic Sensing

Telefield provides innovative system solution such as Carrier Ethernet, MSPP, NDCS, Channel MUS and service solutions including NI/SI and Consulting.

APIDS (Advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) Fiber Optic Sensing and Electrostatic Sensing

The APIDS uses fiber as an optic mesh sensor to detect and identify the type of intrusion through a system algorithm. With the combination of fiber optic net and electrostatic sensor, the APIDS provides the highest level of precision and the lowest level of false alarms.


Connected House

Our smart home solution combines a smart video system, gateway controls for IoT homes and cloud services.

How Connected House Works

Smart home solution combining entry control and a home IoT service based on a video system composed of a wall panel, a door phone, a lobby phone and a digital door lock


    • Establishment of the Energy Management System Demonstration for KT Communications Office Building (5 locations)
    • Completion of the Smart Grid Project Group ESS Dissemination- 2MWh
    • Designation of PIDSFence as 『National Defense Offset Subject Products of Outstanding Small/Medium Business』 and [DQ Certification]
    • Completion of the scientific security system for the official residence of the Minister of National Defense
    • Provision of the perimeter security system to Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power’s Gori Plant


Development of KT IoT GW and GiGA IoT Platform Based B2B Control System


    • Participation of KT Telecop as a major shareholder
    • Completion of Smart Grid Project Group ESS, Dissemination- 1MWh/0.5MWh


Agreement for Global Specialized Technology Development Project (Demo project in Daegu OO Base)


Development of “M2M Gateway for Convergence Security” at KT Central Institute


    • Development and sales of KT Telecop
    • Establishment of ‘Smart Grid Building Energy Management System’for KT’s office building in Yongsan


Provision of the perimeter security system to Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power’s Gori Plant


    • Development and sales of the optical cable surveillance unit for the National Railroad Administration (Huneed Technologies)
    • Acquisition of the supply right for KT (ELITE, SLMOS, etc.)


    • Sales of the fuel cell (1KW) BOP system to Hyosung P&I and Samsung Electronics
    • Performance approval and mass production delivery of KT Telecop Security Dispatching System


Development and sales of the hydrogen fuel cell system control unit for LG Electronics


    • Foundation of GES Co., Ltd. (January)
    • Development of the centralized power equipment management system for KT’s unmanned stations

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