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HDN provides network security solution and handles the company’s security threats focuses on maximizing customer values with the best solution and extends business opportunities with a challenging spirit.

Strategic Development Of Core Resources

Identifying and nurturing creative resources to foster impending growth.

Future-oriented R&D

Growth within a company that leads changes with constant R&D for future technologies.

Reinforcing Global Competitiveness

Leading global markets by equipping competitiveness for globalization and leading challenges towards success.

Realizing Customer Satisfaction

Pursuing to be a company that grows together with customers by thinking and acting from the customers’ perspective.


Excellent choice for your next generation network

SG Security Switch

Optimal security, user-friendly network operation

HDN’s SG security switch is a next generation network security solution that independently detects and blocks internal security threats in order to ensure stabilization of network services and to improve operational convenience.

SG2000 / SG2100 / SG2200 / SG2300 Series

Next Generation Backbone Switch for Large size network

SG Backbone Switch

Excellent performance and great expansion

SG8000 series is a bundle type of backbone switch with a distributed network architecture of ASIC + NP to ensure the highest reliability.

SG8700 / SG8800

Smart and convenient network management

VIPM (Visual IP Manager)

Build an optimal internal security infrastructure with security switch

VIPM is IP Management Solution for user & equipment control, and traffic management when it connects with SG Security switch.

VIPM Lite / VIPM Smart / VIPM Plus / VIPM Enterprise

Integrated monitoring of whole network and connected terminals

VNM (Visual Node Manager)

Integrated switch monitoring at a glance

VNM is an integrated network monitoring software capable of identifying the location of connection and the device connection status

Partner Program

Successful business partnership with assured cooperation and trust

While the paradigm shifts to enhancing the security of the internal network, HDN implements secure channel policies and supports the partner program for mutual growth as successful business partners.

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We are looking for franchises and agencies to collaborate with HanDreamnet to protect data network.

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James Bae, Global Business Director

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