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Established in 2007 by ETRI Holdings, a technology commercialization subsidiary of ETRI (Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), HarborMAX develops a new marine broadband communication system.

Developed ICT fusion technology including wireless communication system bridge technology and wireless broadband network multiple connection module loads balancing technology together with ETRI.

Provide low-cost, high-efficiency maritime Internet service and broadband communication service to all types of ships and coastal operators within 100 km of coast, without using satellite communication.

Maritime Broadband Communication System NMS (MariComm NMS): Collects location information, network, module status information and fault information from multiple MariComm Bridges and manage it through WEB GUI.

MariComm System

Maricomm System (MariComm Station, Smart Tracking Antenna): Internet communication can be provided from coast to coast at a low cost without using expensive satellites. Automated ship operation and coastal accident prevention system are built using remote control service (commercialization possible).

Long Distance Coverage from the Shore

Service part

Long distance communication

Point-to-point connection and Ad-Hop communication, service over 1Mbps at 100km distance.

System Bridge

Analyzes the channel signal strength and range, automatically detects from the existing channel zone to the next channel zone when the node is moved and switches to the best channel.

Load Balancing

A complementary technology that enables marine vessels and structures to use other communication services by automatically connecting to other maritime data communication (V-SAT, etc.) when marine vessels and structures are out of maritime broadband internet communication service area or similar.

Ad-Hoc System

The function that acts as the base station for other nodes through the hop.

Smart Tracking Antenna

2-axis and 3-axis smart balancing which is specialized according to the type and shape of a ship.

  • Automatic tracking of land base stations to search for the best available communication signal to establish a communication connection.
  • Chatbot: Considering that most of the coast is a small and medium-sized vessel, it provides ship management system functions such as small-sized shipyard and small-scale marine facilities that cannot install computer system and cannot be computerized by using mobile phone messenger, easy maintenance through managing chatbot, and inventory management function.

MariComm Station Platform

MariComm Station Deluxe Type

  • Table or Deluxe Type
  • System Bridge / Load Balancing / Ad-Hoc
  • POE injector 8 Ports, 8 LAN ports
  • Size: 44㎝(W) × 9㎝(H) × 26㎝(D)

MariComm Station Compact Type

  • Compact Type for AN Series Antenna
  • System Bridge / Load Balancing / Ad-Hoc
  • POE injector 8 Ports, LAN 4 ports
  • Size: 15㎝(W) × 9.5㎝(H) × 13㎝(D)

MariComm Station Standard Type

  • Standard Type for AN Series Antenna
  • System Bridge / Load Balancing / Ad-Hoc
  • POE injector 4 Ports, LAN 2 ports
  • Size: 31㎝(W) × 6.5㎝(H) × 15㎝(D)

Small Smart Tracking Antenna

  • 2-axis and 3-axis smart balancing, which is tailored to the type and shape of the vessel.
  • Automatic tracking of land base stations to search for the best communication signal Provides various communication connection.

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