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Innonet specializes in the development and sales of wireless communication technologies including TVWS devices, bus public Wi-Fi and backpack mobile eNode.

What is TVWS?

TV White Space (“Super WiFi”) refers to the unused TV channels in any given area. With a Rural Connect radio, these vacant channels can be converted into wireless broadband internet. This innovative technology has the ability to connect our world’s unconnected people.

Dedicated to TVWS research and development for many years, Innonet has pioneered a new IT convergence market bringing together the internet, crime prevention, public safety, and public Wi-Fi with a particular focus in remote and rural areas.

High & Low power TV White Space Backhaul Device

The TV White Space (TVWS) Backhaul Device is specifically designed for rural areas and other isolated locations such as islands and mountains. The high-power TVWS device can cover distances of more than 5 miles with our low-power option covering distances of just under 1 mile. The device integrates various communications technologies such as smartphones, NMS servers, NVR connections and U-sensor combinations to maximize ease of use.

Disaster Communications Network

The Disaster Communications Network helps restore communication abilities during times of major disaster via portable base stations that can be carried as a backpack. The device supports TV white space and satellite by backhaul even with subscribers being in PS-LTE mode.

Backpack CPE receives TVWS signal and converts it to Wi-Fi. Smartphones / Smart Helmets / Smart Goggles, which can communicate with WiFi signals, can be linked to communicate with doctors while watching emergency patient conditions on the spot.


Bus Public Wi-Fi

LTE Backhaul buses and passenger lines Public WiFi service is not available due to communication fees. Dual (TVWS + LTE) Backhaul is operated as TVWS backhaul in the city center, and the Rural area, which is difficult to build up to the stop, is operated by LTE.

  • Korea’s first KC certification on TVWS
  • Diverse and unique products and convergence services based on patents
  • TVWS products meeting the IEEE 802.11af standard Low setup and operation costs
  • The only products verified on-site by local governments and carriers
  • Low power consumption and operated by solar power
  • Direct operation of TVWS DB servers (https://www.tvwsDB.net)

Innonet Global Technology

Innonet will enter the global market with the participation of exhibitions and seminars. It plans to concentrate on internet supply and disaster safety net project in developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region.
Performance History


Broadband wireless internet in rural regions of Indonesia


Marine smart fish farm (Tong Yeong), Ong jin County traffic and disaster management


Fire surveillance and public wireless internet at Jin-joo City ancient palace


Wireless internet powered by solar energy, forest fire observations, tour information and surveillance camera (Je-cheon City)


5 CATV, MSO, TVWS region-based trial service devices

    • Kang-reung Arboretum (CJ Hello Vision): Helps prevent forest fire in mountainous regions and control public facilities
    • Incheon Moo-I Island (T-broad), Daejeon Culture Arts Park: Provides control of wireless internet and public facility
    • Seoul Olympic Park (C&M) guide and electronic guide, Cheong-ju citizen’s hall (Hyundai HCN) event guide

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