KTNF specializes in developing customized network security equipment and x86 servers based on long-standing, in-house technology development expertise.

Key Products

Network Security Equipment
Appliances dedicated to the installment of network security solutions

  • Able to develop and supply hardware for various environments in which network security applications such as UTM, web firewall, IPS/IDS, DDoS, etc. can be embedded
  • Enhanced value to the customer with the increased utility of equipment through the customized development of optimal servers based on customer fit and needs, as compared to standardized hardware supplied by the global companies

x86 Server
General-purpose server with high temperature, high speed, and high integration reliability

  • Next generation x86 dual socket-based, high-performance server
  • High-temperature tolerance (45 ° C) design allows for energy savings when applied to data centers
  • Supports Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) v2.0 firmware and management software based on Open Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
  • integrated management function for data centers through IPMI/DCMI (Data Center Manageability Interface) 1.5 interconnected with the server board management and control function
  • KTNF’s hardware design/manufacturing technology provides an optimal server for customer’s environment and needs

SDN/NFV Server Switches
Converged systems which combine Intel high-performance, scalable processors with high-capacity switch chipsets

  • Consists of Intel’s high-performance Scalable Processor and Broadcom’s Trident III switching fabric chipset in a single system
  • NFV enables efficient use of resources such as space and power by integrating servers and switches in hardware and virtualizing solutions for network operations such as Firewall, IDS / IPS, QoS, VPN, and Load Balancer
  • Allows for high capacity data switching using a maximum of 24 100-Gbps Ethernet interfaces, while also providing a programmability function that enables new software definitions and database reconfiguration

Cooperation Proposal

Partners sought:

  • Network Security Equipment: Developers of security software and applications
  • x86 Server & Server Switches: Data center developers and mobile operators

Partner tasks:

  • Network Security Equipment: Secure local distribution / supply networks and provide after-sales service
  • x86 Server & Server Switches: Local sales / SI organization required

Partner benefits:

  • Distribution and sales agent management
  • Revenue sharing
  • Technology transfer


  • Apr 2017

    Selected as the organizer for thex86 server development project of the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea

  • Mar 2016

    Registered member on Open Compute Project ‘OCP’ NCA-SS2RC for the server switch

  • Feb 2015

    Developed and supplied ‘K1701N’ (traffic generator) to Rugged Tooling (Finland)

  • Nov 2014

    Developed and supplied ‘NU-750’ (security server) to Nusoft (Taiwan)

  • Nov 2013

    Developed and supplied ‘Developer634’ (traffic generator) to Netload (USA)

  • Dec 2012

    Developed and supplied ‘K1361A’ (security server) to MSI (Taiwan)

  • Jul 2007

    Supply contract with Secui.com

  • Nov 2006

    OEM agreement with MSI

  • Apr 2006

    Developed SK Telecom’s DMB SecureBox

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