Organization-based messenger with built-in strong security
Chatting solution application with hacking activities monitoring

Peace of Mind

We applied twenty years experience developing web and mobile security solutions for governments and banks to create one of the world’s most secure mobile cryptocurrency wallets.

Ease of Use

Accessing the benefits of your cryptocurrency is as simple as sending a text.

HackFree Security Features

End-to-End Encryption

All the messages are encrypted with keys generated during the chat. Even if the server is hacked, there will be no chat history on the server.

Application self-protection

The chat application provides self-protection. It has the capability to detect any hacking activities targeted at the operating system (OS), and to keep the application safe from every threat of external hacking.

WSS channel encryption

The client-to-server communication and inter-server communication are both encrypted with TLS to prevent users’ privacy leakage.

Identity verification and Admin tools

Only registered and authenticated users in your organization can chat, and you can control everything within the server through a separate Admin account.

Identity verification and Admin tools

Only registered and authenticated users in your organization can chat, and you can control everything within the server through a separate Admin account.

Screen capture prevention

Hackfree chat prevents the screen capture of the chat room and notifies the users about the capture attempt.

Message withdrawal and auto-delete option

Withdraw the wrong message and the message is immediately deleted on the device and on the server. In addition, you can delete messages periodically, by setting up an auto-deletion time.
The Meta-Blockchain project is a programmable blockchain being developed by NOD-Bizware. This project utilizes decentralized central bank to enable economically fair token generation and instant confirmation of the token transfer.

Meta-blockchain node will be efficient enough to run as a mobile application, realizing the vision of decentralized autonomous organization by giving every user a fair chance to become a network validator and receive incentives. As a result, the network will expand quickly and become a de-facto platform for all community token issuance.

About NOD Bizware

NOD Bizware is a technology company specialized in secure application development. The company holds core patents in self-protection technology and combines security and artificial intelligence technology. HackFree is the first application in the industry that has applied with built-in self-protection, end-to-end encryption, and zero-knowledge encryption. The major customers are government agencies and military organizations. Currently, NOD Bizware is developing a Meta-Blockchain,  a programmable blockchain that will be able to support multiple protocols in a single blockchain.
  • 2019.1

    Partnership with SovereignWallet Pte. Ltd. for Meta-Blockchain research and development.

  • 2017.5

    Released HackFree B2B

  • 2016.12

    Privacy protection chat app, SPOT27 release

  • 2016.7

    NOD CoCo added group notes feature

  • 2016.2

    Registered a patent for application self-protection and system control

    Registered a patent for distributed key exchange protocol and application self-protection

  • 2016.1

    Registerd a patent for application self-protection Filed a patent for application self-protection using system and user behavior analysis

    Filed a PCT patent for seucre chatting with distributed key exchange protocol and application self-protection

  • 2015.11

    NOD Bizware is selected as 2015 follow-up support comany of global expansion program from KISED

  • 2015.10

    NOD Bizware established subsidiary in Singapore

  • 2015.8

    NOD Bizware IR at Keiretsu Forum in Singapore

    NOD CoCo Selected as SW Prosumer products from Software Engineering Center

  • 2015.6

    Applied for self-protection technology applications

    NOD Bizware was selected as a global start-up enterprises (Singapore) sponsored by KISED

    NOD Bizware recieved additional US$ 420K investment from TCC INS and angel investors

  • 2015.4

    Chatting feature is added to NOD CoCo

    NOD Bizware received the certification of venture startup

  • 2015.3

    Databank feature is added to NOD CoCo

  • 2015.1

    NOD CoCo started beta service

  • 2014.9

    NOD Bizware received US$273K investment from TCC INS

  • 2014.7

    NOD Bizware received angel investment of US$ 320K

  • 2014.5

    NOD Bizware established

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