Our Mission

The objective of the ICTC Program is to establish a global ICT network that promotes strategic business partnerships between South Korean and foreign ICT SMEs. In realizing its vision, “To become an ICT hub that transcends national boundaries,” ICTC promotes international cooperation and information exchange among next generation ICT industry leaders by pursuing three key mission areas:

  • Strengthening ties among the next generation of ICT leaders through global collaboration
  • Expanding the global exchange of information, communication, and telecommunication technologies via partnerships
  • Enhancing the global competitiveness of ICT SMEs through diverse creative methods, including coaching, matching and hosting communications colloquiums.

In summary, ICTC creates a global collaborative environment that nurtures the growth of small and mid-sized business in the information and communications technology industry.

ICTC Mission & Backgroud

Our mission is to help qualified ICT producers grow their business abroad.

In an increasingly globalized marketplace, the challenge for small and mid-sized ICT companies is how to acquire the resources required for successful entry into highly competitive markets. Hence, the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) of South Korea has decided to launch the ICTC program to serve as an infrastructure platform for smaller ICT firms seeking to venture abroad.

What we do
Our aim is to provide a support structure that helps qualified small and mid-sized ICT device and software companies grow their business abroad. Each ICTC hub is staffed with industry professionals, including lawyers, researchers, consultants and real estate agents, who provide expertise on corporate strategy, technological fit and promotional plans in order to foster the establishment of successful U.S. partnerships. After a comprehensive analysis and dialogue with each company, we partner them with the most suitable U.S. partners for their business.

Quarterly Colloquiums

Our colloquiums keep ICT professionals on top of the latest trends and issues.

Through our quarterly colloquium series, the ICTC Center addresses emerging trends and issues in the information and communications technology arena. We cover a wide range of ICT-related topics, such as:

• Technology & business trends
• Government contracts
• Basic guide to U.S. market entry
• Differences in business environments
• Guidelines about patents and legal issues

Using our video conferencing systems, professionals can participate simultaneously from Korea and U.S. locations. The speakers for each quarterly event are chosen a month in advance and may present from either of our locations. The topics are selected from responses to periodic surveys of ICT company employees in an effort to reflect the most timely and relevant needs of the ICT industry.

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